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Fade Reduction Protecting Your Valuables

What Causes Fading

To reduce fading of fabrics, furniture and upholstery are the reasons many homeowners want 3M window films. While 3M window films provide an excellent way to help reduce fading, the important thing to remember is that window films do not stop fading, they help reduce fading.

Most people think that ultra violet light is 90% or 100% the cause of fading, actually it is not. Fading is caused by three main sources, U.V. Light, Visible Light, and Solar Heat. While U.V. Light is the largest contributor, Visible Light and Solar Heat are also significant causes of fading.

UltraViolet Light: This is generally considered the most harmful portion to sunlight. The ultraviolet rays contribute to 40% of the fading process.

Visible Light: Visible light is a considerable source of fading, contributing to approximately 25% of the fading process.

Solar Heat: Furniture and fabrics that are hot to the touch are being damaged by solar heat which is responsible for 25% of the fading problem. The more heat absorbed by the fabric the greater the damage.

Other: An additional 10% of fading can be attributed to miscellaneous effects, such as indoor lighting, humidity heat and poor dye anchorage.

Each 3M window film varies in U.V. Light, Visible Light, and Solar Heat reduction and therefore the level of fade reduction.

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