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Residential Pictures

This job was done in Arrow Creek. The owner was concerned with the brightness of the light coming through the glass. Also in the winter time the owner mentioned that it was too bright when there was snow in the yard! As you can see the center pane is not tinted yet. Look at how the brightness of the concrete patio is reduced. The owner of this house was so impressed with the film, that we actually had to come back two more times to do more tinting. This house was tinted with 3M Prestige 50.

This job was also done in Arrow Creek. The owner was concerned with fading of their new chair and carpets. Also the owner mentioned that the room got too hot. Look at the detail of the sage by the trees and you can actually see the blades of the grass. As you can see the panes on the left and center are tinted. The owner of this house chose 3M Prestige 50 as the window film.

This house is located in Incline Village. The top three windows were tinted in this picture. The owner of this house has valuable artwork he wanted to protect. After a consultation, the owner chose 3M Prestige 50 to use on his house. The bottom two windows were also done after the picture was taken, as well as 20 other windows in this house.

These windows face east. The owner of this house wanted privacy from the street view and to cut out light for their guests sleeping in the room. 3M Night Vision 15 was used. This film offers excellant glare reduction and heat reduction, but may be too dark for most people.

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